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One afternoon, a pair of headphone-loving audiophiles were searching the web, trying to find the world’s best headphones, and what they discovered was that there are many online headphone resources, but none of them offered a simple, universal grading scale with which to compare all headphones, regardless of style, brand or price.

We wanted to create a tool that would help people know what to look for when buying headphones.

From that moment forward, we set out on a journey to create “The Billboard Charts” of headphones, with definitive “Top 10 Countdown” lists for every style of headphone, where each pair included on the site receive impartial rankings based on 5 key factors, then an overall score (5-100) is given based on the 5 metrics.

Headphone Review Factors (Rated 1 - 5):

  • Online Reviews
  • Sound Quality
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics
  • Aesthetics

Headphone Chart Score example
Headphone Chart Score

At HeadphoneCharts.com, it is our continued mission to deliver the highest quality headphone reviews, all in “countdown” list format, to help make your headphone research and buying experience as fun and educational as possible, whether you are in the market for in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, open back headphones, closed back headphones, wireless headphones, and everything in between!

Our team also tries our best to stay on top of all of the latest audiophile news, and provide our personal commentary on the latest and greatest headphones and headphone accessories, and perhaps even a few headphone rumors thrown in from time to time ;-)

The bottom line is HeadphoneCharts is your one-stop website for anyone interested in owning the best quality audiophile headphones on the market today, whether you are a seasoned headphone pro who already owns a collection of Sennheisers, Audio-Technica, and Beyerdynamics, or even if you are just starting out on your headphone journey and all you know is you want a pair of headphones better than Beats.

If you have any specific HeadphoneCharts post ideas that you would like for us to research and publish, please feel free to email us at headphonecharts@gmail.com.

If you represent a headphone manufacturer & would like to send us any equipment to review, we would be happy to take a listen & offer our unbiased review.

Headphones we are currently enjoying:

Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO
Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO review in orange case

AKG K550
AKG K550 review in orange case

We hope our headphone buying guide helps you the next time you decide to buy a pair of headphones online!


HeadphoneCharts team

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