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The World's Most Expensive Headphones - Headphone Charts

Here at Headphone Charts, we experiment with, and feature, a vast array of some of the finest headphones on the planet, but there are some ultra-premium cans out there that even we can't get our hands on due to budget restrictions and rarity! The best of the best, the most expensive of the most expensive*, these are The World's Most Expensive Headphones!

Editor's Note: There are actually a couple headphones that we intentionally left off of this list, despite their high pricetags, because they're only expensive because of gimmicks. We left off Lil Wayne's $1,000,000 diamond-covered Beats by Dre headphones, because the headphones themselves aren't more expensive, just the gemstones adorning them, and the same goes for this $40,000 pair of 3D printed V-MODA Crossfade's, which aren't any better than normal Crossfade's, except for the fact that they are produced out of precious metals.

What Are The World's Most Expensive Headphones?

Ultrasone Edition 5 - $4,299

In 2013, a decade after the epic Ultrasone Edition series was born, Ultrasone decided to celebrate the anniversary with their finest, most expensive headphone to date, the incredibly limited Edition 5, with only 555 units produced. They incorporate "S-Logic EX technology," which create a listening experience that is practically indistinguishable from studio monitors, with expansive soundstage and clarity.

The Edition 5 boast a premium construction including Ethopian sheep leather earpads and headpad, handmade moor oak earcups (moor oak is hundreds of years old and top notch in terms of grain and color), and a full metal headband.

You may find some additional reviews and information about the Edition 5s here.

Ultrasone Edition 5 - World's Most Expensive Headphones

STAX SR-009 - $4,450

Founded in 1938, STAX Earspeaker is a rarity in the headphone world, offering headphones that convert electrical signals into sound in a very different way than other headphone brands. The majority of headphones currently manufactured feature dynamic, moving-coil drivers; however, STAX Earspeakers all feature proprietary electrostatic transducers, a more complex and costly technology. This method of driving delivers flawless transparency and transient response, and STAX headphones are scary precise for anyone interested in extreme balance and detail.

The SR-009 are the crown jewel of the STAX lineup, and rightfully so. Their frequency range of 5-42,000Hz is out of this world, and they boast genuine lamb leather earpads and silver-coated 6N (99.9999%) OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable for minimal distortion.

Check out some expert reviews of the SR-009s here.

STAX SR-009 - World's Most Expensive Headphones

Final Audio Sonorous X - $4,999

Although Final Audio have existed since 1974, they are a relative newcomer into the world of audiophile headphones, only producing cans since 2007, and featuring bold, stylish designs and superior sound quality, on par with the rest of the world's best.

The Sonorous X is a beautiful product, their principal parts composed of machined aluminum and stainless steel, which glisten and shimmer in the light. Their 50 mm driver unit with titanium diaphragm is integrated with the front plate and has been machined from pure aluminum to produce an unmatched realism, with surprising clarity and vividness.

Learn more about the Sonorous X here.

Final Audio Sonorous X - World's Most Expensive Headphones

Abyss AB-1266 - $5,495

The Abyss AB-1266 have the distinction of being produced in the United States, their planar magnetic drivers created meticulously over a period of five years by Abyss' Joe and Eric Skubinski, whom are very secretive about their proprietary driver material.

The AB-1266's have been described as "a front row listening experience with stunning bass impact no other headphone can provide, like the finest loudspeakers in a private room" and most reviewers would agree.

They also feature high quality finishes, polished metal accents, hand-brushed artistic touches, unique custom-made high power neodymium magnets with optimized slot pattern, and soft lambskin earpads.

For an additional review of these impressive headphones, click here.

Abyss AB-1266 - World's Most Expensive Headphones

Sennheiser Orpheus HE1060- $55,000

The Orpheus HE1060 is by far the most expensive pair of headphones money can buy, almost $50K more expensive than second place (for comparison, the price difference between the #2 headphone and the #5 headphone is only $1,196). But, oh goodness, what you receive is unlike anything you've ever seen before in personal audio!

The HE1060s come complete with an entire listening system, featuring marble chassis, gorgeous tube amps, and the best cables money can buy.

For around 20 years, the original Sennheiser Orpheus HE90's ruled the headphone world as the greatest pair of cans known to man (you can find a used pair of HE90s for around $35,000), but it is now apparent that they have been bested by their new successor. If you're interested in learning more, be sure to check out this thorough video review (opens in a new window).

Sennheiser Orpheus HE1060 - World's Most Expensive Headphones

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